Why choose Ashley & Sparks Makeup Artistry?

Let me guess, you’ve probably looked at a dozen makeup artists’ profiles by now and with the multitude of makeup artists out there these days it can be confusing to decide on whom will be just right for you. You’re probably asking yourself, “is this person someone who I can trust who WILL show up on the day and apply my makeup in the way I’ve imagined HOW I’d like it to look on my special day?”

I do sympathise whole heartedly with you, as selecting the perfect makeup artist you feel completely comfortable with can be a hard decision to make, as what really does set one makeup artist apart from the next, what’s their point-of-difference, other than their cost of course?

Well I’m glad you’ve asked yourself these questions, if not I’ve got you thinking…

Hello there! I’m Ashley, you’ll quickly experience that with Sparks Makeup Artistry it’s a collaborative, fun and trusting environment. I personally take an invested approach to each and every client of mine to ensure that your makeup aspirations are fully understood, thought through, taken seriously and that you enjoy the relaxing experience of having your makeup done by a professionally trained makeup artist.

I’ve had a passion and interest in makeup and beauty from a young age, but my true passion lies with helping my clients not only look and feel beautiful, but that they leave loving the end result and the full experience. I love seeing women of all ages transformed, radiating confidence and feeling their most empowered self. It truly is a gratifying experience seeing a woman’s self-confidence bloom as a result of the full makeup process, which I’ve been privileged to have been apart of.

I’m renowned by my clients for my calm, personable approach and for the flawless makeup looks I achieve. I pride myself in creating meticulous and natural bridal makeup application with a light handed approach, it’s for this exact reason that brides-to-be who normally wear minimal to no makeup choose me to achieve a flawless, naturally luminous complexion, that will not only photograph beautifully on their wedding day, but that the makeup will also last throughout the day into the evening.

Based in the leafy suburb of Alderley on Brisbane’s north-side, I offer a fully mobile service to all areas of Brisbane and everywhere in-between the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. I can also tailor a quote to suit your interstate or international destination wedding requirements should this be requested.

I’d love to hear from you, whether you are a Bride-to-be in need of a professional makeup artist for your wedding day, if you have a special event that requires a glamorous look or you simply would love to learn the tricks of the trade during a one-on-one private lesson.

I’d love to bring the best vision of yourself to life with makeup!

Ashley xoxo